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Audition tips for Six the Musical

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

As the US Musical Supervisor for Six, I have already seen hundreds of auditions for Six! I thought I would give you a few tips and suggestions of how to prepare for your first round of auditions.

Firstly, have fun! When you audition for us in person, we really want to get to know you.

We will ask you to look directly at us. Yes, I know this is completely different than what you've been taught. But this show is a pop concert. We are seeking performers who are confident and feel comfortable connecting with an audience.

If you are called back for Anne Boleyn and you are singing "Don't lose your head," expect us to be your back up singers as well as percussionists! We are here to support you and your audition.

For the first round of auditions for SIX, we usually ask you to submit one or two pop songs in the style of the show. With so many great pop songs out there,it's hard to choose. Select one up-tempo and one ballad. Or select songs that are similar in vocals and personality to the QUEEN(s) you identify with. Do NOT sing contemporary musical theatre songs.

Choosing Pop Songs:

  1. Put the song in YOUR key. It does not have to be in the original singer's key. Just show us your best notes!

  2. Usually a verse and a chorus is enough. If the bridge is really interesting, you might want to start there. You still need to tell a story. It's still MUSIC THEATRE!

  3. Give us dynamic variety. We are seeking nuanced singers and storytellers.

  4. Please use us as your scene partners. Choosing a spot on the wall doesn't really work for this audition. Feel free to connect with us, your audience. It's okay if you look us in the eyes. There is no 4th wall in our show, so sing to us.

  5. Lots of people are asking us, should we move/dance during the pop song. I would say you need to show us you're comfortable in your own body and feel free to move, but please don't choreograph your audition song.


We don't really believe in overdone songs. If you connect to the text and music, then make it your own and sing it. If you sing "Sorry not Sorry" better than anyone else then you should SING IT!

Also, if you are auditioning for the Cruise Ship companies of "SIX," they will ask you to sing from a prepared list of pop songs.

Here is a short list of some of the more popular songs that we have heard. These are great songs! These artists also have other amazing songs that you might want to sing. A good place to start.

  1. All I Ask, One and only- Adele

  2. Sorry Not Sorry, Skyscraper, Stone Cold - Demi Lovato

  3. Chandelier, Titanium, Elastic Heart, Helium- Sia

  4. Bang Bang, Mama Knows Best- Jessie J.

  5. Halo, If I were a boy, Love on top, best thing I never had- Beyonce

  6. If you seek Amy, Toxic- Brittney

  7. What the Hell, We are Warriors- Avril Lavigne

  8. What about us, Try- Pink

  9. You Lost Me- Christina Aguilera

  10. One Last Time, Dangerous Woman- Ariana Grande

  11. Good As Hell- Lizzo

  12. Crazy- Gnarls Barkley

  13. If I Ain't Got You,No One- Alicia Keys

  14. Wings- Little Mix

  15. Best Thing I never had-

  16. Love on Top, Roar- Katy Perry

  17. Take A Bow, Stay- Rihanna

  18. King of Anything- Sara Bareilles (brilliant song, but not great for SIX audition)

  19. Edge of Glory,You and I - Gaga (she has better songs than these for Six)

  20. Since you've been gone, Strong- Kelly Clarkson (Great tunes but better options for Six)

I hope these songs have you inspired you. Again, it is OK to use these songs. But maybe you'll use one of these and find something on your own as a second song. Happy Hunting!

-Roberta Duchak, US Music Supervisor, Six the Musical


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