Vocal Boot Camp America!

"What I Want for Christmas" performed by our December 2020 Holiday Workshop!

 Composed by Roberta Duchak and Cory Goodrich

Our Original Song from our Vocal Boot Camp class in June. These students wrote such a great tune!  Take a listen to "LOUDER!"

@vbcamerica   THIS IS "FUTURE" Written by US!

The Reviews are in:


"Ella really enjoyed your class and felt like she really grew alot. Thank you both for offering such a challenging and incredible vocal experience virtually. It is one of the best experiences she has had over the last 3 months. We are very grateful and she looks forward to participating again!" Mary B.

Thank you all for everything you did last week with Vocal Boot Camp!  Sarah had an amazing time and learned so much from all of you and from all of the kids in her group.  I mean wow, where did all of these young, talented singers come from.  Sarah loved it so much she wants to do it again!  She can't wait!"  - Betty

"I want to let you all know that Piper is absolutely beaming everyday after camp. Your kindness, encouragement, and support have been great blessings for her. She is so happy it makes me feel like crying. 
I greatly appreciate everything you all have done for her - a bright spot for her this year."

What Should I Expect?
♫     Daily Warmups
♫     Breathing and Placement Exercises,
Explorating All Vocal Registers
♫     Ear Training and Harmony Games
♫    Solo Work in Musical Theatre,
Jazz, and Pop/Rock
♫     Self-Tape Coaching 
What Should I Prepare?
♫     Please come prepared with three songs
in your key. You must choose one musical theatre piece, one jazz/American Songbook piece, and one pop/rock piece.
♫     All songs will be pre-approved by
Roberta Duchak. Roberta will help you choose appropriate material for your age and vocal type.
Summer Sessions are over!
But look at what we created! 
"Better World" composed virtually by these students!
"Better World" an original song composed by our 1st class this summer.
Who are the Instructors?
Hover over their photos to learn more!

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