Vocal Coaching

Welcome to my Vocal Studio!

I am a performer with over 30 years of experience in the industry. I have performed on Broadway, in five national tours, and in countless Chicago and regional productions. I’m also a recording artist, an adjunct faculty member in the music and theatre departments of Columbia College, Chicago, and a Jeff Award-winning Musical Director.

Coaching students is truly a thrill for me. I love sharing my experiences, passion and techniques to help you become a better singer and performer.

I have been fortunate to work with many wonderful voice teachers who helped me build my voice and confidence. That’s what I hope to do for you. Most of us are only using a fraction of our voice. With good technique and practice, what we work on together will help you sing with more resonance, quality and support than you ever imagined.

Obviously, vocal coaching involves accompanying singers on their music. I am an excellent pianist, so no need to hire an accompanist. No extra fees!


My Coaching Specialties


Audition Preparation
This is where I excel! I guarantee that one hour in my studio is all you need to feel totally prepared for your upcoming audition. We can choose your material, fix your vocal technique, and coach your song “beat by beat” so you feel connected not only to the music but to the text as well. Preparation is the key to your success.

Building Your Repertoire/Audition Book
This is one of my favorite things to do. I love music and I have a large collection and a vast knowledge of all genres. I can help you find that “perfect” song. Again, preparation is the key to your success. Your “book” should represent who you are today as an actor, not who you were 10 years ago or who you hope to become. You should select audition songs that you feel connected to. We’ll go through your book, determine what styles you’re missing and fill the gaps. As well as expanding your repertoire, we can work your existing audition material and infuse new energy and ideas into them.

Vocal Technique
Technique! Technique! Technique! We will build on what you already know. Whether you’ve never had a lesson or you’ve studied for 20 years, I’ll evaluate your voice and then work with you on the areas to improve. I teach everyone on an individual basis. I don’t have just one set of exercises. You can expect to increase your range, your resonance, increase your breath and support, vocal strength, and vocal beauty. We will always work on singing without tension. As I always say, “If it hurts when you sing, then you are doing it wrong!” Singing should make you feel great!

College Audition Preparation
The audition process for top Musical Theatre programs has become extremely competitive.  I can help you navigate through this process into very manageable pieces.  I’m both a voice teacher and a vocal coach.  Vocal technique is imperative, but we must also act the song.

I will also make your musical cuts.  Each school has different requirements.  Some expect 16 bars exactly.  Others want 32 bars or a 1 or 2 minute selection.  As a pianist and arranger, I will be able to make sure your music is clearly marked and ready to be played by any accompanist! I will also teach you how to communicate with your accompanist.

As a professional musical director, I am very aware of the current trends in musical theatre. I can help you choose appropriate repertoire for your audition (at any college or university). I’ll help you showcase your individual strengths and unique qualities through your audition materials and performance.


Master Classes at Colleges/University/High Schools

Here I am with the Musical Theatre majors at Millikin University.  What a terrific group of actor/singers!  Thank you for inviting me to come and work with all of you!



I offer the following services: Pre-production vocal lessons, Hired as Vocal Producer, as well as in-studio coaching.  Contact me for an estimate of cost for your project.

A great vocal vs. a mediocre vocal in the studio is the difference between success and failure in the music business. Trying to capture that perfect vocal without the technique can cause budgets to skyrocket.

You need to master your vocal technique so you can go into the vocal booth excited and confident.

Rehearsals and pre-production practices go much smoother and more efficiently without vocal strain.

You will learn how to rid yourself of tension in your body, have good posture to give your voice good support and control.


In addition to private coaching, Roberta has worked in collaboration with producers, bands and singer/songwriters in the recording and rehearsal studio to get the best performances from their artists.

SKYPE Lessons

Need a lesson while you’re out of town? When available, I will be coaching online via SKYPE. and FACETIME.  Email robertaduchak@gmail.com for more information.

Please email me at robertaduchak@gmail.com for rates.