“Roberta brings more to the musical coaching spectrum than one could ever expect. Besides being an accomplished actor and sought-after singer, she is an amazing teacher. Her demeanor and style are active and encouraging… she truly works alongside you – with you! You will leave just one coaching session with a better knowledge of ‘who you are’ in the audition and a greater confidence in your own technique. Personally and professionally, Roberta is an optimist and a communicator – attributes that I believe are so very necessary to succeed in theatre. Simply put, she is paramount at her craft… I feel quite fortunate to have Roberta ‘in my corner’ – as a vocal coach, champion and friend in the business!”

– Mark Kaplan, Zazu in the Lion King National Tour, 2-time Jeff Award winning actor


“Roberta Duchak is honestly a gift to the world of musical theater. I have learned and discovered more about myself as an actor and as a singer and performer from this one woman in our time working together at Columbia College Chicago than I have in all of my education so far. I have never had anything but amazing things to say about my lessons and Roberta as a person.”

-Alex Newkirk -private voice student at Columbia College, Chicago


“Working with Roberta is a dream! She’s a wonderful collaborator, a great voice teacher and coach. She always knows just the right thing to say to me when she’s coaching me on a song! I got cast in many shows after working with her! “

– Stacey Flaster- Jeff Nominated Director/ Choreographer, performer


“It is difficult to put into words how wonderful your presence, talent, experience, and wisdom was for us. Your consummate acting and singing abilities inspired us all. Your many, many kindnesses with everyone involved elevated the experience for us all. We all looked so much better in your presence. She came, she saw, and she conquered! You have left behind many of us who are so much better off now than before! Our young actors are newly charged and invigorated in their passion. Thank you! “

– Kurt Killam, vocal director of Moon of Hope Vocal Studio, Galesburg, IL.


“Okay hands down GREAT session yesterday. I so adore you and your wonderful energy. Thank you so much for helping me yesterday. I felt so empowered when I left, like I was on top of the world. I need to grab a session with you more often!”

– Nate Johnson, performer on the Mamma Mia, National Tour


“Roberta Duchak is one of the best voice teachers in Chicago. She has truly made me a professional. Not only is she talented, but she is a great person and her outstanding personality makes her easily understood. Her ease with her students and confidence in their talent is hard to find anywhere else. She helps you pick the perfect song for you as well as coaches you through the music so you are singing and acting at your best for every audition. When I came to her I was an outline of the performer and singer I am today. Roberta is the reason I have ever been cast outside of school. She has coached me for every big audition I have ever had and every audition that I have ever booked. I feel more confident after I have seen Roberta and that confidence transfers into my auditions. I genuinely love taking from her and would recommend her to anyone!!!”

– Genevieve H. Perrino, Columbia College graduate


“Roberta is one of the finest music director/coaches I’ve ever worked with. She has an incredible sense of detail, both for the vocal line and how to produce it, as well as for the storytelling of the song. She’s a brilliant musician and performer herself, so she understands the needs and challenges of the singer/actor. She’s the one who finally taught me how to high belt! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– Cory Goodrich- Creator of Cory’s House, Mother in Ragtime at Drury Lane OakBrook


“Roberta speaks “voice” in a way that singers can truly wrap their heads- and voices- around. Her focus on both vocal technique and the ability to communicate a piece’s true intent is remarkable. She has the extremely rare gift of helping a singer get out of his or her own way, and- in so doing- helps them to discover vocal potential they didn’t realize they had. Working with her has been the single most affective thing I’ve done for my voice in Chicago. Hers is the voice in my head when I approach any new and challenging piece of music, and for that I am very grateful!”

– Summer Naomi Smart, Jeff Award Winning Actress


“I want to thank you again for taking the time to come out to ISU and host a master class with us last Friday. From both a Freestage and performer perspective, the master class was a hit! You are supportive, welcoming and unbelievably helpful. You gave great advice in the master class and I feel much more confident especially with the song “Larger than Life”. Thank you again! I hope to work with you again in the future!”

Josh Pennington-  student at ISU Theatre department