HAZEL: A Musical Maid in America at the Drury Lane Theatre

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We opened a brand new musical “HAZEL” a musical maid in America” on Wednesday April 6, 2016.    Congratulations to my private students Casey Lyons, Ava Morse and Tyler Martin who are dazzling audiences every night! 

Hedy Weiss from the Sun Times says…

“To be sure, there are moments of wit and whimsy in “Hazel,” many of them involving the presence of four child actors who all but steal the show (and, with their crystalline diction and uncanny timing, put the kids in “Matilda” to shame).  Roberta Duchak’s music direction, and Alan Bukowiecki’s direction of the pit band, are superb.”

Tom Williams from “Chicago Critic” says…Hazel is Klea Blackhurst’s show with cute interaction with young Harold Baxter, played by the super-polished eleven-year old Casey Lyons. He nailed with fabulous vocal chops his haunting song “Space.” That singing performance  is the finest child-sung number I can ever remember!



Photos by www.brettbeinerphotography.com



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