Vocal Coaching

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Audition Preparation
Roberta guarantees that one hour in her studio is all you need to feel totally prepared for your upcoming audition. We can choose your material, fix your vocal technique, and coach your song “beat by beat” so you feel connected not only to the music, but to the text as well. Preparation is the key to your success.
Roberta travels the country, offering masterclasses at high schools, colleges, universities, and performance schools. Rates vary and lesson plans can be tailored specifically to your student body's needs!
Building Your Repertoire Book
Roberta will help you find that perfect song. Again, preparation is the key to your success. Your book should represent who you are today as an actor, not who you were 10 years ago or who you hope to become. You should select audition songs that you feel connected to. We’ll go through your book, determine what styles you’re missing, and fill the gaps. As well as expanding your repertoire, we can work your existing audition material and infuse new energy and ideas into them.
Vocal Coaching for Studio Singing
Roberta acts as a
pre-production vocal teacher, Vocal Producer, and an in-studio coach.
Vocal Technique Lessions
Whether you’ve never had a lesson or you’ve studied for 20 years, Roberta will evaluate your voice and then work with you. You can expect to increase your range, your resonance, increase your breath and support, vocal strength, and vocal beauty. We will always work on singing without tension. If it hurts when you sing, you are doing it wrong! Singing should make you feel great!
Remote Lessons
You and Roberta can use Skype or Facetime to keep up with your lessons remotely.
just ask!
College Audition Preperation
The audition process for top Musical Theatre programs has become extremely competitive. Roberta will help you navigate through this process. You'll get comfortable with your song selection, technique, acting choices, and musical cuts. Each school has its own requirements. Some expect 16 bars exactly, others want 32 bars, or a 1 minute selection. Roberta will make sure your music is clearly marked and ready to be played by any accompanist!
Workshops, Boot Camps, and more!
There's always something going on! Make sure to check in with this website frequently for the latest News!
"Roberta brings more to the musical coaching spectrum than one could ever expect. Besides being an accomplished actor and sought-after singer, she is an amazing teacher. Her demeanor and style are active and encouraging… she truly works alongside you – with you! You will leave just one coaching session with a better knowledge of ‘who you are’ in the audition and a greater confidence in your own technique. Personally and professionally, Roberta is an optimist and a communicator – attributes that I believe are so very necessary to succeed in theatre.
Simply put, she is paramount at her craft…
I feel quite fortunate to have Roberta ‘in my corner,’ as a vocal coach, champion and friend in the business!”
- Mark Kaplan, Zazu in The Lion King National Tour, two-time Jeff Award winning actor

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