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Vocal Boot  Camp

Join Roberta Duchak and Ellen Winters
for the fifth year of their summer singing intensive!
Register now... only twelve students will be accepted into each group!
Click here to download a PDF with more information.
What Should I Expect?
♫     Daily Warmups
♫     Breathing and Placement Exercises,
Explorating All Vocal Registers
♫     Ensemble Singing
(Harmonies and Blending)
♫     Master Classes in Musical Theatre,
Jazz, and Pop/Rock
♫     Microphone technique
What Should I Prepare?
♫     Please come prepared with three songs
in your key. You must choose one musical theatre piece, one jazz/American Songbook piece, and one pop/rock piece.
♫     All songs will be pre-approved by
Roberta Duchak. Roberta will help you choose appropriate material for your age and vocal type.
When Does
Class Meet?
We meet each day from Wednesday, July 31st, until Sunday, August 4th.
Ages 10-14 will meet 10am - 1pm
Ages 15-21 will meet 2pm - 5pm
All students will meet together on August 4th from 10:30am - 3:30pm.
Is There A Final Performance?
A one-hour recital for friends and family will start at 2:30pm on Sunday, August 4th.
Who are the Instructors?
Hover over their photos to learn more!